Website Layout Issues





Use H1 tags on each section with pertinent keywords. Instead of using an image based header we should include H1 Tags including the keywords we are trying to rank for on each section. This will alert spiders combined with other factors about the specific contents of each page.
Title tags should always include main keywords. Do NOT use the same title tags on different sections. Try to make each section as unique as possible. When targeting more than one keyword on each section, prioritize the order of your keywords in the title tags according to your ranking interests.

In the navigation bar and buttons do NOT use image based links. Use active text links including the main keyword for each section as anchor text.

When working with images, ALWAYS use the alt tag with your most representative keyword. Actually, this will be the keyword that spiders will index for that image.

Within each website section include in the footer as many deep links to other sections as you can rather than always using the generic Home Footer. For instance, use different footer links on each page instead of always using the same links over and over again. This will enable spiders to gradually crawl and index your website entirely rather than just top level sections. This aspect will also be reinforced by providing deep incoming links from other websites.