Website Coding

Meta elements are intended to provide unique descriptive informative data summarizing the key word target and theme for each page. We are directed by the search engines to make the descriptions as narrow in scope as possible.

Try to use Java Script or Dynamic Programming to its minimum extent. Search Engines spiders like static contents and plain HTML or PHP programming.

Although it is not one of the most relevant variables, code validation is also another component in the total equation. By having your code validated and W3C compliant you make it easy for spiders to crawl your website and its contents. This is supposedly rewarded with better contents indexation from Google´ s perspective

Validate your code here:
XHTML Validation:
CSS Validation:

Try to minimize usage of character or contents that may confuse search engine spiders. Keep your code as clean as possible. Search engine spiders will come to your website and try to determine what your website it is about by analyzing on-page factors. If the content they read on your code, is not clearly defined or mixed with other symbols and characters the spiders may find it difficult to determine what your website is really about.