Page Rank

Page Rank is another measure created by Google that measures somehow the value of your linking structure and website as a whole. Many times it has been discussed the real importance of the Page Rank when determining results on Google. Some argued that is a vital variable that commands the whole nature of results whereas others diminish its value to the extent to make it insignificant. What matters for sure is what results have extensively showed us on time: Page Rank is just another important variable in the total equation that combined with the other ones provides the final output. Page Rank by itself is not the key but it is a relevant component. So we have to focus on working in all the aspects.

Yahoo focuses mainly on site-wide links and on-page factors. It is all about volume and usage of proper anchor text as well as basic SEO on-page optimization. The nature and quality of the links have no impact here. We are talking about volume and anchor text as their main focal points.

MSN pays particular attention to updating frequency. The more often you update your contents the more often you will get visits from MSN´ s spider. The MSN engine is particularly fond of rewarding websites with high updating frequencies and proper optimizations of on-page factors Page Rank, authority, etc have no importance here. It is all about links and contents updated regularly above all.

In the practice, this just determines that Yahoo & MSN are much easier to spam than Google. Hence, achieving good results in Google is the key to ultimate success since it will bring the most interesting levels of traffic as well as good rankings on the other engines; especially Yahoo.
Up to this point we know how search engines work and what we are supposed to give them in order to see our results boost.  Let’s take a further look into how to optimize.